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Robin Foster, Independent Board Member

Robin Foster is an economist specialising in policy, strategy and regulation in the media and telecommunications sectors, and is a founder member of consultants Communications Chambers.  
Robin has previous experience as a strategy partner at Ofcom, helping to establish Ofcom and playing a key role in Ofcom’s first major strategic reviews of public service broadcasting, telecommunications and spectrum. Prior to this, at the Independent Television Commission, he led the strategy and economics team. As strategy director at the BBC, he led the development of strategy for digital TV and the internet. At economic consultants, NERA, he set up the telecommunications and broadcasting practice in London.
He has been an adviser to the UK House of Lords Communications Committee, was a member of the UK Government’s Digital Britain steering board and led the Global Communications Consortium research programme on broadcast and telecommunications regulation at London Business School. He is also a member of the Ofcom Spectrum Advisory Board and the ComReg Expert Advisory Panel.

Nigel Walmsley, Deputy Chair, Independent Board MemberNigel Walmsley, Deputy Chair, Independent Board Member